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Expense Management is a key service Retailer Consulting provides. With our knowledge of current opportunities that are available, it is not unusual for us to save your enterprise significant amounts of dollars that are currently being expensed. Our compensation for this service is directly proportional to the amount of dollars we can add to your bottom line. Both You and Retailer Consulting share equally in each dollar of savings. We are very aggressive in this area, because the more we add to your bottom line the more we add to ours.
Marketing Management is another key service Retailer Consulting provides. Again, with our knowledge of current opportunities that are available, Retailer Consulting will recommend and implement for you a marketing plan that will provide the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Besides "traditional" advertising, it is crucial in today's competitive climate to have programs for brand, loyalty and reputation management. Today's consumers have easy access to large amounts of comparative information. It is critical that YOU stand above your competition.
Retailer Consulting can provide Project Management services as well, to insure seemless and non-conflicting implementation and coordination when dealing with numerous service providers.
Retailer Consulting can provide Market Assessment research that reviews your existing market. Market research can help you look further afield and sell your existing products to some new markets and / or find a new product to offer your existing market customers.

Expense and Revenue Analysis services from Retailer Consulting can greatly increase management's understanding of the factors that affect resource use, including staffing patterns, service or product mix, service practices and procurement. The information these reports generate helps management consider different ways of producing services or selling products in order to reduce costs, increase revenues, or both.

Fee Structure

Expense Management fee is based entirely on the savings we generate for you. If Retailer Consulting is unable to save you any dollars, there is no fee. Compensation to Retailer Consulting for this service is an equal split of the dollars saved over your current costs, payable as the savings are realized over a four year span. Thereafter, you enjoy 100% of the savings Retailer Consulting was able to create.
This fee structure motivates us to save you as much money as possible.
Marketing Management fee is based upon hourly rates plus a percentage of the increase in sales. Much of the initial set-up and implementation of the marketing program is labor intensive. Once implemented much of the ongoing maintenance can be done by your staff, which we will gladly train, to lower costs, or Retailer Consulting can continue to provide this service.
Your marketing success is important to us and by sharing a small percentage of the increase in revenues we are very motivated to insure that success.
Other Services are provided on an hourly basis fee structure.
Hourly Fee: Your primary consultant bills at a hourly rate of $250.00. The work done by the associates are billed at an hourly rate of $75.00. These rates are about the same that a Master Plumber and their assistant charge. So think of us as business plumbers fixing your pipes.